Kase Raso

Kase Raso is an emerging stand up comedian who is quickly making a name for himself. With a love for improvising and entertaining he takes the stage with energy and confidence. He produces the consistently sold-out White Lies Comedy show in NYC.

Kase still doesn't know who Tom Ricardo is.

Zach McGovern

Zach is a standup comedian and actor originally from Chicago who now calls New York City home. In the 5 years he's been in NYC he's honed his chops at all the major clubs as well as the not so major ones and every single dive bar with a half working mic.

Zach once fell asleep on a rooftop during a hurricane. 

This Is Why I Am Single - A Podcast​ For The Lost

Daphne Topel-Samek

Daphne’s passions are many and varied. Her love for travel started when she was 10 days old, with her first plane ride.  On returning home she received an email from Vogue, and her new adventure began. A year and a half later she graduated and started full-time at Glamour Magazine. 

Daphne is an expert on Transatlantic dating as well

Our Guests

Lance Weiss

Named one of only 4 Finalists in CMT’s 2012 “Next Big Comic” nationwide search, Lance Weiss is quickly making a name for himself.  Performing 300+ live shows a year,

He co-produces an awesome comedy show – “Gandhi, is that you?"

Lance is selling DVDs of this website outside.